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Who we are

Regtify is a risk focused startup firm, aligned within RegTech, offering world class Software as a Service solutions.

We enable financial organisations of all sizes to directly engage with their risk management, reduce their operational risk levels, monitor their requirements and stress their capital liquidity while staying compliant with the regulatory regimes.


verb: regtify; 3rd person present: regtifies; past tense: regtified; past participle:regtified; gerund or present participle: regtifying 

  • to make, put, or set right; remedy; correct: (your compliance needs).
  • to put right by adjustment or calculation, as an instrument or a regulatory platform.
  • to purify by repeated analysis.
  • to change into a more responsive solution.
  • to determine your regulatory requirements with ease.
  • to adjust for the solution of any proposed problem.

Take control of your obligations.

Prometheus, is a user oriented platform focusing on Risk and Capital Requirements Management.

Cloud based, Subscription oriented, ad hoc capital adequacy solution fully compliant with CRD IV.
Hosted on a world class cloud provider, Amazon AWS, fully secure and responsive.

Regtify has been founded in 2016, aiming to provide easy to use Regulatory Technology SaaS-based solutions under the current MiFID and CRR / CRD 4 (Basel 3) regulatory frameworks, as well as for the upcoming MiFID II / MiFIR.

Our Solutions